Jessica Ecott - Glass & Sculpture
Jessica Ecott - Inspirations

A new piece of work often begins with walking, looking and drawing.  Inspiration comes from my immediate environment, whether I am abroad or at home in rural Buckinghamshire. My work is strongly influenced by the time I spend out of doors.

When I lived in the tropics, I swam and dived every day, and the colours and themes I experienced there are still evident in much of my work.  I see new colours and textures all the time – the bare earth is cracked, then slippery after a storm, the hillside a cool green or a deep purple brown, and the sky is one day wide and open, another day dark and lowering, and always mirrored in the water. I need to be out in the elements, and this is where I feel at home. 

I draw a lot – in towns, in the countryside, in cafés and in exhibitions. I also get a great deal of inspiration from the actual process of making and experimenting.  I originally began to work in glass so that I could include refractive pieces in my hanging sculptures and mobiles, which were made mostly out of wood and metal.

I then found myself increasingly drawn to the contradictions of glass: it is solid, yet it captures the changes of the light, and with it I like to achieve subtle internal effects similar to those in watercolour. In my sculptural pieces I often explore the contrast between materials, especially the clarity and ethereal qualities of glass against the earthiness of wood.